Oh The Nerve

Middle of the Bed

Featuring professional ballroom dancers, Eric Koptke and Chelsea Farrah-Koptke.

Directed by Jared Swanson. Cinematography by Cedric Letsch.



Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming EP to be released Fall 2018.



Oh The Nerve is a queer feminist pop/R&B band from Berkeley, California. They blend the exuberant grooves of vintage soul and sonic textures of electropop with honest and vulnerable songwriting about relationships, representation, and identity. Their songs inspire listeners to rebel against societal stereotypes and boldly define themselves on their own terms.


Featuring Teresa Tuan (lead vocals/keys/production), Alena Coons (bass guitar), and Jess Fenton (lead guitar/production/backing vocals), the band came together when Tuan, a solo artist, was looking to put together an all-female band in the Bay Area. “Female musicians are still in the minority. We have to confront a number of assumptions about who we are, what we play, and what kind of music we can create. I wanted to change that. Because if all the players are women, then maybe we stop being seen as ‘the girl singer’ or ‘that chick guitar player’ and instead get to simply be musicians,” says Tuan.


The three quickly bonded through the shared experience of feeling isolated and ignored as women in music and their mutual desire to claim their own space as a group. With frank lyricism from Tuan’s perspective as a gay, first-generation Chinese-American, their music deals with the complex nuances of navigating a multifaceted identity in contemporary America.


Oh The Nerve has a diverse range of musical influences, including Lady Gaga and Motown, and their shows combine the energy of live instrumentation with the soundscapes of software-generated beats. They can be found performing throughout the Bay Area and will release their first EP in Fall 2018.


Sounds like: Sara Bareilles, Amy Winehouse, HAIM

Genre: Pop/R&B




Photo credit: Portraits to the People